Learning the Lessons

Once the dust had settled, and the tears caused by the dust had dried, what lessons can be learned from the Review‘s disappointing day at the Independent Press Fair? First, it is helpful to provide a wide range of products, rather than several different editions of the same publication. I had hoped the Fair would […]

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The Independent Press Fair

This was held at Dragon Hall in Norwich on May 29th 2022, part of the last day of events held during the annual Norfolk & Norwich Arts Festival. From 10am to 4pm, visitors had the chance to browse and buy small press books, magazines and prints from around 20 stallholders, of which The Earlham Review […]

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The 1950s saw a biblical plague of giant creatures swarm across the theaters and drive-ins of 1950s America and the scorpion, ornery by nature and visibly equipped with its own weaponry, was a natural subject to join this carnival of cinematic critters. Such films live and die by its special effects, so all credit to […]

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